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CDPHE Notice of Violation Rescind


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Town of Aguilar Job Openings


 Colorado Rural Water Responds to Technical Assistance Request

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Recycling Bins are Here! 

Located along the side of the Community Center near the Library @ 146 W. Main St Aguilar, CO 81020

Update June 22, 2022: South East and East Central Recycling's Truck is down and in the process of getting repaired. Aguilar is looking at about two weeks until the bins will be serviced again. Apologies for the inconvenience 

Recycling is finally here! We have 4 bins ready for use at the Community Center by all Aguilar, CO Residents! Please recycle responsibly by paying attention to bin labels and only recycling what is labeled on the bins themselves. One contaminated bin ruins the recycling process. As of now, we have one recycling bin for paper, one for cans & aluminum, one for clear glass bottles, and lastly one for colored glass bottles. There is more to come in the future as far as bins as well as cardboard recycling. Stay tuned via the town website and sign up for the newsletter to stay in the loop! 

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